Apr 2015 Meeting


The April meeting of the 2014/2015 year was held on Thurs. 9th April in the Craobh Eo Centre in Aghamore.


Our demonstrator for April was Eamonn Brennan who is a relatively new member and this was his first demo.

Eamonn chose to turn a footstool and came very well prepared.

The first task is to turn a piece of 18mm ply to a round and then cut a piece of foam to fit on top.

Eamonn had earlier prepared a round blank of 14 by 4 inches for the seat and he mounted this on the lathe. A recess of about 15mm deep was cut in the top to receive the cushion base above. The shoulder was left flat while the bottom was slightly concave. A spigot was then formed at the bottom of this recess for remounting.

The seat was then remounted and the bottom turned. The outside is left flat for about 2 inches to receive the legs and the middle is concave as you remove the original spigot.

The second part of the demo was turning the leg. A blank was turned down to 45mm wide and then the leg was turned to a specific design. The holes for the legs were then drilled into the seat to enable fitting. Finally he showed how to upholster the cushion which involved trimming the upholstery and then stapling it to the ply base.

Eamonn provided a drawing of the leg dimensions which was very handy for those who wanted to go away and try it themselves. He also provided detailed instructions of how to make the seat.

All in all a very fine demo from a new member. His hallmark was that he came well prepared and concentrated on the important points in the time he had available. Well done Eamonn.

April's Competition


The April competition was a laminated table lamp. This presented the challenge of laminating as well as designing and wiring the lamp. There was a good turnout of entries and well done to all.

May’s competition is a pair of table legs from a drawing.




 Winners                 Pat O’Malley

 Second                       Michael Horkan

 Third                          Paddy Treacy