Dec 2016 Meeting


The December meeting of the 2016/2017 year was held on Thurs. 8th December in the Craobh Eo Centre (Old Schoolhouse) in Aghamore.

Martin Wilson was our demonstrator and started by giving an introduction on the yew tree and showing examples of candlesticks he has made. Martin’s demo was a set of candlesticks.

First a hole was bored for the candleholder and then it was mounted between centres using steb centres and the piece was turned to a cylinder of 100 mm diameter using the roughing gouge.

Using a template with all the dimensions set on it Martin marked off the dimensions. Four calipers were set up with the main diameters and the stock was reduced to the required diameter at the marked points and the waste was removed accordingly.

Working from the bottom of the candlestick the long side was sloped. Martin used a steel rule to ensure this long slope was flat as required working to the diameter already set. Next Martin set about forming a bead again using the spindle gouge to the preset dimensions starting in the centre and rolling the gouge until the bead was formed.

When the bead was complete Martin moved to forming the head of the candlestick. Again the dimensions were already set out and depths marked. This could be described as an elongated bead/oval ball where Martin meticulously rolled the gouge to get the shape.

The candlestick was finished with a very light sanding and the base was trimmed.

The second candlestick was then turned to match the first one.

This was a very simple design for a candlestick with the impression of an angel which was very much in line for the time of year. Further to this it was the fore thought of having four calipers to the required dimensions and template with distances set out which would help any individual setting up work of a similar nature.

Martin also covered presentation when offering pieces for sale and showed how to group items together in a presentation box.

Well done Martin for a well thought out demo.

December's Competition

December’s competition was a tea light holder. There was an excellent display of all shaped and sizes. A good standard and a great turnout. Well done to all. 



January’s competition will be a baby’s rattle.



   Winner                  Paddy Treacy

   Second                  Ian McDougall  

   Joint Third             Eamonn Brennan/Martin Grady