February 2022 Meeting



The February meeting of the CraobhEo 2021/22 year took place on the 10th February in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Our demonstrator for the evening was Graham Griffiths from the Shannonside Chapter.

Graham’s project was a pair of matching candlesticks.

He had done some preparatory work and arrived with a split candlestick which he had used to create a storyboard marking out different elements of his design. He also had done a similar one for the base.

Candlestick Stem

First up he mounted an ash blank, 50 mm square by 225 mm long, between centres and rounded to a cylinder. Then he turned a tenon to attach it to the base later.

Using his storyboard (see photos), he transferred his design to the blank. With the parting chisel, he cut to dept along blank to make it easier to turn the different cuts like beads, coves and fillets. Graham then began to turn these cuts and explained each one as he went along frequently referring to the storyboard. The end result was a very nice candlestick.

Candle holder insert at top is made to your candle size.

See photos below.

Candlestick Base

Graham mounted an ash blank, approx 125 mm by 70 mm between centres, marked off from the base storyboard and cut a tenon.

Following remounting in the chuck, he removed waste using pull and push cuts. He then turned the base to his preferred design using the base storyboard.

Finally, he drilled a recess to receive the candlestick.

Graham then turned a second  matching candlestick, following the same process.

Our thanks to Graham for making the long journey from Cavan and providing us with a lovely demo.





Competition for February was a baby’s rattle. There was a great display of baby rattles on the table.
Graham Griffiths did a critique on each piece and praised all for the standard of turning. Our appreciation to Graham for his input and words of wisdom.
Thanks to all who submitted a piece to the competition.
Competition for March is a box.





 Monthly Chapter Competition

Joint 1st  – Willie Creighton, Gerry Warde 

Joint 2nd – Noel Grogan, Ian McDougal, Padraig Grealis

Joint 3rd  – Tom Jordan, Liam Horan