Jan 2016 Meeting


The January meeting of the 2015/2016 year was held on Thurs. 14th January in the Craobh Eo Centre in Aghamore.

Members of the Craobh eo chapter gathered in the Old schoolhouse Aghamore on what was a bitterly cold night for their first meeting of 2016.

Sean Foody was the presenter and Sean set out his intentions by showing members examples of bowls turned off-centre and decorative features he was going to demonstrate.

Sean used a blank of dia. 275mm on which he positioned a faceplate in the centre of the blank. The edge was trued up using a bowl gouge (18mm) and then the outside of the bowl was shaped. The base was then trued up leaving a slightly hollow feature to ensure it would sit comfortably on any surface. The base was approximately 150 mm in diameter. Sean then positioned the toolrest to make a cut to what would be the top edge of the bowl.

Next Sean repositioned the faceplate off centre by 12 mm and remounted the face plate where he cut a recess on the base for the chuck. This recess was not central on the base.

The chuck was then positioned on the lathe and the blank mounted on it. The face plate was not removed as it is required later in the process. Sean then started to hollow for the centre by starting out towards the edge. He was careful at the start as the blank was turning off centre now stopping to check regularly the progress being made. Only a small section was hollowed to show the top edge of the bowl and also the narrowness on one side and wider part directly opposite. Using the proxxon Sean added some carving to the top edge of the bowl ensuring the bowl was locked in position and using the toolrest for support.

Then using a gas burner he torched the top edge of the bowl. He then used a brush to get rid af any excess charcoal. A sealer was then applied to the torched section of the bowl.

The bowl was then repositioned with the faceplate on centre and the outside of the bowl was cleaned. The faceplate was then removed and the chuck remounted and the remaining waste from the centre of the bowl was removed and the edge where burning was carried out was sharpened up. Sean worked the piece until a smooth finish was reached and the wall thickness remained constant.

When the bowl was finished Sean explained that it was not only an off centre bowl butit could be wall mounted for a clock, barometer or any use suitable to the needs of the individual.

A base coat was then applied and a wax finish to leave a nice piece that would not look out of place in any home

Well done Sean.

A discussion took place on the upcoming Craobh Eo seminar scheduled for Sat. 27 February 2016 in the Gateway Hotel, Swinford.

January's Competition


The January competition was for a piece of jewellery. On a cold night the standard was high and thanks to those who submitted their piece.

The pieces were judged by Paul Tant.



February’s competition is a laminated piece which leaves plenty of scope for design and form.


Winner                    Pat O’Malley

Second                   Robert Hanford

Third                       Ian McDougall