March 2023 Meeting


Willie Creighton was our demonstrator for our March 2023 CraobhEo monthly meeting.

Willie stepped in at short notice due to the meeting being deferred for a week. His chosen demonstration was a lamp.

First he showed a template with all the spindle cuts in woodturning as well as recommending the Classic Forms book as an aid to design and shapes.


Start by turning a blank (Baltic pine) for the body to a round. Next turn a tenon for inserting into base. Turn the body to desired shape starting from the top. See photos for design. As usual Willie explains in great detail each cut, great for beginners and those wishing to brush up on their techniques. He finished the body with very precise detail cuts.


Next Willie mounted the base which was laminated using a faceplate which was attached using small screws. After truing up turn a recess for the body spigot to fit into the base. Dry fit the body to ensure snug fit. Start shaping top of the base working from the inside out until you get your desired shape. See photos. Remount and clean up the bottom. Fit the body to the base lining up grain.


Finally Willie came with a box of off cuts that had flaws. He explained each one so that they can be avoided.

Thank you Willie for a wonderful demo full of tips and instructions about the basics of woodturning. Well done.

Chapter Competition

The monthly competition for March was a lighthouse.

Willie judged the competition pieces and followed up by doing a critique on each piece. Thank you Willie and well done to all who submitted a piece. 

The competition piece for our April meeting is a vase.




 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner –      Patrick Munnelly

Second –     Denis O’Donnell

Third –         Tom Jordan