May 2018 Meeting


The May meeting of the CraobhEo 2017/18 year took place on the 10th May in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Arthur Cumiskey from the Shannonside Chapter was our guest demonstrator for the evening.

It as wonderful to welcome Arthur to CraobhEo for his demo. He chose to turn a lidded box.

The base blank of sycamore was mounted on a screw chuck and the bottom flattened out leaving it about 45 mm high. A 50 mm recess, 7 mm deep was then turned to accept the chuck. This became the primary holding mechanism for the box throughout the demo. The base was mounted on the chuck and the middle hollowed out. A rebate 7 mm deep was then turned to receive the lid. The bottom of the rebate was flattened so the lid would sit nicely.

Next the lid (main part) of wych elm was rounded between centres and a spigot turned for the chuck. Following mounting in the chuck the inside was hollowed out and a spigot turned to fit the base. Once fitted the top/base were jam chucked together and the outside shaped. A hole (10 mm) was then drilled to receive the tip.

Finally a blank for the tip of the lid (bog oak) was then rounded and a spigot of 10 mm turned to fit the top of the lid. The base/lid was taped together, remounted on the chuck and the tip fitted to the lid. Final shaping of the tip then takes place.

Arthur finished his evening with a buffing demo. A buffing pad is mounted on the chuck and wax applied. The piece to be finished is then held against the spinning pad until the desired finish is achieved. There are 3 types of pad, rough medium and smooth and different waxes as well.

This was a very enjoyable evening and Arthur has a relaxed way of presenting. Well done Arthur and thank you.


The May competition was to turn a plant stand.  Well done to all who took part and submitted a piece.

Competition piece for June is an off centre piece.




 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner              –    Michael Ruane

Second              –   Paddy Treacy

Third                  –   Tom Burke