Nov 2016 Meeting


The November meeting of the 2016/2017 year was held on Thurs. 10th November in the Craobh Eo Centre (Old Schoolhouse) in Aghamore.

Willie Creighton was our demonstrator for November and outlined how to turn a candlestick from sycamore with a mahogany base.


The first task was to turn the spindle section to a cylinder and then using a 7/8 inch forstner bit a hole was bored on one end of the spindle. Next a steb drive was placed in the headstock and revolving centre in the tailstock. The piece was positioned so that the end with the hole bored is positioned at the tailstock end to ensure it is centred correctly on the lathe.

Using a spindle gouge a tenon was turned at the headstock end. At the opposite end Willie started by turning a ½ inch bead and continued to decorate the stem using coves, beads and fillets. Willie meticiously went through correct procedure for holding tools, body position etc.

In turning coves he explained the creation of a bell shape, fillets by creating a ½ bead and beads by finding a centre point and turning down ½ and ½.

The piece was then cleaned up using the spindle gouge. Willie referenced the classic forms book for shapes for such projects.

The base was turned next. The centre of the square section was found by crossing the diagonals on both sides and then positioned on the lathe between two steb centres. The piece was trued up using the bowl gouge. A spigot was created and dovetailed to make gripping easier with the chuck. A hole was bored for the tenon section of the stem and the face was then trued up. Willie then went through the process of turning an ogee on the base. A jam chuck was then created to hold the base when reversed so the bottom of the base could be cleaned up.

This was an excellent demonstration on skill, correct use of tools and safety to the fore. Well done Wille and thank you.

November's Competition

 November’s competition was a clock, barometer or thermometer. This was one of the best displays of competition items that we have had in the chapter todate. The standard was very high and well done to all.



December’s competition will be a tea light holder.



Winner                    Tommy Jordan

Second                   Tom Burke

Third                       Ian McDougall