Craobh Eo 2013 Seminar

The Craobh Eo Seminar for 2013 was held on Sat 4th May in the Craobh Eo Centre in Aghamore. There was a turnout of 60 and the two great demos meant a very enjoyable day was had by all.

Demonstrators for the day were Simon Hope, Essex and Emmet Kane, Kildare.


Simon Hope was on his first visit to Ireland and we were delighted to have him demonstrate for us. He was entertaining and informative and those present were priviliged to be able to benefit from his time here. Simon also lends his name to a range of tools which he explained in detail.



Items turned by Simon

A walnut beaded box with textured pewter insert and African blackwood stem.

A whistle out of yew.

Maple salt shaker in the shape of a shell.

Beech hollow form with pewter neck and an insert of African blackwood in pewter neck.

Double bowl – mahogney bowl inside a scyamore bowl.

Emmet Kane is no stranger to many of our members and he lived up to his considerable reputation on the day.

Noted for his wit and ability to entertain he is also a very accomplished woodturner and is constantly pushing out the limits.


He presented slides of his work and went into great detail in explaining gilding, lathe techniques, fuming and drying out wood etc.

His projects for the day included a hollow form turned from wet wood and a bowl which he then ebonised and gilded. The ebonising was accomplished by coating the oak with a solution made from iron filings and vigegar.


There was a excellent turnout of high quality items for the competition which was judged by Simon and Emmet.

They were impressed by the standard of the pieces on show and encouraged all to keep the standard up.

Winner   David Miller         Shannonside      (Segmented Box)

Second  Malachy Totten   Ulster                (Urn)

Third      Pat Horgan         Cork                 (Bowl)