Craobh Eo 2014 Seminar

The Craobh Eo Seminar for 2014 was held on Sat 24th May in the Craobh Eo Centre in Aghamore. There was a good turnout and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Demonstrators for the day were Andy Coates RPT, Chairman of the AWGB and Ambrose O’Halloran, IWG Galway Chapter.



Andy Coates Demo

This was the first time Andy Coates had demonstrated in Ireland and we were privilaged to have him.

He is a gifted communicator and teacher and passed on many useful woodturning gems.


First up Andy turned a lidded jewellery box from yew. He demonstrated how to save wood by coreing out the lid from the blank. He also showed us a low voltage light for use on the lathe that he had got made to help with detail work. The lid for this box was not the usual pop fit but fitted so that the base would stay put when lifted off.

His second project was a beautiful earring stand with a secret box again made from yew. The box was hidden which adds to the intrigue. This introduces the idea that something could be hidden away and is a very nice selling feature.

Follow the progress of both project in the photos below.

Ambrose O’Halloran comes from Cregboy, Galway and is a member of the Galway chapter.

He is a wonderful demonstrator and woodturning teacher as we discovered during the day.



The first session included an indepth discussion on tool sharpening going into the science behind the art. Before long you become aware that Ambrose has studied the various aspects of woodturning to a greater depth than most people. Gadgets and jigs for every task have been invented which is something that makes his demo so interesting. This session ended with his trademark budvase demo.

The second project was a platter with some artistic work on the face. He used a map gas torch to sear the face before applying the artistic impressions using a high end “dentist’s drill” multitool. The end result was just lovely.

See the story in pictures below



There was a good turnout of quality items for the competition which was judged by Andy and Ambrose.

The high standard impressed the judges and our appreciation to all who took part.

Winner   Paul Tant        Craobh Eo  (Artistic Piece)

Second  Pat Walsh        Dublin        (Spalted Sycamore Bowl)

Third      Martin Wilson  Craobh Eo  (Pedestal Bowl)

Fourth   Pat Walsh        Dublin        (Burr Oak Bowl)