The Stuart Mortimer 1 day workshop was held in Beltra, Co. Sligo.


We all looked forward to meeting Stuart and as we arrived we were treated to was a display of some of his work which was a real treat.

The day began with Stuart giving some tips about tooling and here we began to see how wonderful a teacher he was as well.

We were taken through the various aspects of his spiral turning and shown in great detail how each piece was made. He does simplify things and leaves you with the feeling that you can do it yourself.

Stuart puts great energy into his workshop and its no wonder that those who are lucky enough to see him sing his praises and want him back. He is a great ambassador for woodturning and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.

The workshop was held in Beltra Hall and hosted by Martin Wilson, his wife Moya and son Simon. They took it upon themselves to provide the catering and we were treated to wonderful home made scones by Moya. We really enjoyed the food which added so much to the day.