Wooden Mixer 2017

A wooden mixer was the Irish Woodturners Guild Chapter Challenge for the 2017 National Seminar. The Seminar was held in the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth on the weekend of the 14th & 15th of October. Unfortunately we had to settle for silver this year, having come second, for the second year in a row. Congratulations to the Limerick Chapter who won this years Chapter Challenge. Check out all the photos and video of the making of the mixer at the bottom of the page.

Craobh Eo Chapter Challenge Team

Pat O'Malley

Pat was involved in the making of the mixer bowl. This consisted of segmented rings of 24 segments which were stacked and glued together. The base was threaded to sit into the stand. The size of the drum presented challenges from ring size, lathe clearance to finishing. He is one of our more experienced turners and perfection personifies his work.

Tom Burke & Sean Morley

Tom and Sean were responsible for the turning of the wheels. They were also responsible for the production of the float and pointing trowel.Both men are members of their chapter 10 years.

Willie Creighton

Willie was responsible for the turning of the drum. The turning was done one segment at a time and then gluing up the next segment. This turner is the go to man when problems need to be solved or ideas are required in relation to all matters turning.

Michael Horkan

His responsibility was the handles on the frame of the mixer. Michael was also responsible for the production of the booklet, which accompanied the mixer as part of the chapter challenge entry.

Martin Wilson

Martin took on the task of producing the axle for the mixer. He was also involved in the assembly of the mixer frame and axel setting it up for the drum to be threaded to the frame. Again he is a very experienced turner with lots of good ideas and suggestions. And is very much to the forefront in running our chapter.

Sean Foody

Sean had the responsibility of being the chief co ordinator of the making of the mixer. Sean and Eamonn laminated the frame from mahogany and ash. The responsibility also rested with Sean to apply the finish and co-ordinate the assembly of the mixer.

David Knox, Padraig Grealish & Richard Barrett

David, Padraig and Richard took on the onerous task of manufacturing the legs for the stand of the mixer.They are relatively new to turning and made an excellent job in the laminating and production of the legs.

Message from Chairman Chapter Challenge. Following on from our successful experience of last years chapter challenge I wish to express my sincerest congratulations to all the members who participated in the designing,and making for this years challenge of a Belle Mixer. Long discussions, much debate and the gainful experience of learning during our long discussions on what to make and how to go about the production of the mixer. Whilst progress was slow when it came to the nitty parts the members involved showed their resolve and authority in bringing their experience to the fore to ensure this project was completed to a very high standard. As chairman of the Craobh eo chapter I would like to congratulate all members who took part in the Chapter Challenge and to thank them for their effort and support for each other. It was a real worthwhile exercise that brought the best out of everyone who took part and a major learning experience. As Chairman I would also like to acknowledge O`MALLEY BUILDERS and SONS Ballina for their generous sponsorship of the mahogany for the making of the mixer. Chairman SEAN FOODY