Sept 2019 Meeting


The September meeting of the CraobhEo 2019/20 year took place on the 12th September in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Gabby Wall from the South East Chapter was our guest demonstrator for the evening.

Gabby chose to turn an ash lidded bowl.

First a blank for the body is mounted and the outside shaped to a ogee curve working from the rim in. This bowl was 300 mm wide and 75 mm deep. The base is left at a third of the width and a recess is turned for the chuck in the base. Sanding is done at this stage.  

Next the body is remounted and face trued up. The rim is turned and dished towards the centre. The bowl is then hollowed out, undercutting the rim. Lastly a recess is made for the lid, approx 3 mm deep.  

Moving on, a blank is mounted for the lid. Dimensions here were 210 mm wide and 30 mm deep (depending on size of the body recess). The face and rim are turned. At this stage the lid is fitted to the body, not too tight. Finish the underside of the lid to your desired shape and turn recess for rechucking. Remount and shape the top to your preferred design working from rim inward. Then drill a 10 mm hole for the knob. 

Finally mount a walnut blank and turn the knob itself. Here you can practice you design and spindle skills. 

Well done to Gabby for a very engaging demo and a very useful bowl. We enjoyed your company. Thanks for making the long trip from Kilkenny, we appreciate it.  

A special welcome on the night to our visitors from the Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed who made the trip to be with us for the evening. 



The September competition was a bowl, max 8″ wide by 4″ high and finished with the chisel only without sanding. The finish on all bowls was of a high standard and shows how much we can do before we get to using sandpaper at all. Well done to all you submitted a piece. Thanks to Gabby for his critique and feedback.

Competition piece for October is a whipping top as discussed at the September meeting. 


 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winners (Joint)   –   Pat O’Malley, Liam Horan

Second (Joint)     –   Dickie Barrett, Ian McDougall