April 2022 Meeting


The April meeting of the CraobhEo 2021/22 year took place on the 21st April in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Our demonstrator for the evening was Danny McGeever from the Sligo Chapter.

Danny’s project was a bowl for a windowsill.

He came with some lovely examples of his work in various designs, one with a linenfold pattern, another with beads and other simpler designs. The bowl is turned first, complete with design, then cut in half, reglued and decorated.

Aside from woodturning, he showed us some windowsill decorations he had made. A cottage cut from turf then dipped in a stabilization solution and painted. A wheelbarrow made the same way with actual turf.

For the project itself, mount a 300 mm by 50 mm blank on a pin chuck with a plastic insert and true up all round. Turn a cove on the outside of the face near the rim leaving a raised flat surface on the inside in the middle. Choose a design for your bowl, in this case linenfold. Mark the design on the face and cut it in with a skew. Use a spindle or swept back bowl gouge to turn your design. Use scraper to improve finish and sand.

Remount to turn inside and true up face. Remove wood at the outside edge of the bowl to a 90 degree angle. Cut out a ring working in from face and edge. Remove waste to restore the 90 degree profile and tidy up this area. Cut a groove to insert the ring into at the edge of the raised face, half the depth of the ring. This will be used to laminate the two halves together later.

Hollow out the inside, sand. Take off lathe.

Mark line across the front. Cut the bowl in two. See photos. Assemble.

Cut profile across top of bowl to your own design. Cut flat for bowl to stand on. Apply finish of your choice.

This is a very useful bowl to have in your home and beautifully made. Danny is a great friend of our chapter and we were so delighted to have him demonstrate top us again. Our tanks Danny for a lovely, engaging demo.


Competition for April was a laminated bowl. There was a great display of items for the competition.

Danny McGeever did a critique of the competition entries and gave feedback on each entry. He was impressed and encouraged good form and design. Thanks to all who took part in the competition.

Competition for May is a table lamp.




 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner –    Patrick Munnelly

Second –    Liam Horan

Third –       Michael Maye, Pat O’Malley