Jun 2019 Meeting


The June meeting of the CraobhEo 2018/19 year took place on the 13th June in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Michael Ruane, one of our own members was our demonstrator for the night.

 Michael’s first project was a wrist bangle. The size of these is usually 65mm – 70mm in diameter and approx. 35mm in width. First, he passed around some finished bangles in laminated timbers. Michael’s demonstration piece was made up of sycamore and mahogany.  He explained that any combination of hard woods could be used. They could also be segmented.

Michael had a blank attached to a piece of plywood, which he mounted on a screw chuck. He hollowed out the centre with a parting tool. He then mounted the cut-out bangle on cole jaws and cleaned up the inside with a skew chisel. He then sanded this to 400 grit.

Michael had premade a jam chuck with 4 saw cuts down the grain. This allowed it to contract when the bangle was fitted on to it. He placed the bangle on this jam chuck and shaped the outside. He sanded this to 400 grit and put on a coat of Sand & Sealer. He returned to it later and finished it with a coat of friction polish.

For Michael’s second project, he showed us some of his finished candlesticks and explained the process he used. He likes to experiment with different finishes. He then mounted a similar candlestick on the lathe. This he had sanded to 600 grit, wired brushed and ebonised. He then applied Gilt Cream polish which he rubbed in well. Next, he cleaned off the residue with Danish oil. He finds this the best product to remove the excess polish even though it is time consuming.

This was a well-presented demonstration, and everyone learned something from the night. Thanks to Michael on his first demonstration and well done. 



The June competition was a box. Standard was high and thanks to all who submitted a piece. Well done

Competition piece for September is a bowl, max dimensions 4″ high by 8″ wide, finished on the lathe without sanding.




June Competition Winners

Winner              –    Ian McDougall

Second              –    Tom Jordan

Third                  –    Michael Ruane

 Overall Chapter Competition Winners for 2019

Winner              –    Michael Ruane

Second              –    Tom Jordan

Third                  –    Padraig Grealis