June 2023 Meeting

The June meeting of the CraobhEo 2022/23 year took place on the 15th June in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

This was a workshop managed by Willie Creighton

The workshop was a new undertaking for CraobhEo. Willie Creighton brought along a second lathe, grinder and tools. Members were encouraged to bring along their tools and face protection.

Willie unveiled his new SteadyPro for hollowing but did not use it on the night. He started by showing how to sharpen tools that members had brought along on the grinder and there was great interest in this. He also gave some tips on tool care and other ways of sharpening various tools.

Paddy Treacy and Derek Simons tried their hand at using the roughing gouge on the lathes with Willie at their shoulder giving them tips. This was followed by other cuts using spindle gouge, parting tool and skew.

Later Willie did a spindle turning demo and showed how to use the skew using the heel, even demonstrating a catch when the skew was used too high up. 

Willie did a quick finishing demo. He went through the various finishes like Woodoc, beeswax and turpentine mix, Triple E, Shellawax, microcrystalline wax, ShitHot Waxstik (I kid you not, see the photo) and good old sanding sealer. He tried them out for members to see the difference.

Finally, Willie mounted a bowl on each lathe and Paddy Treacy and Richard Barrett had a go at using the EasyWood tools that Willie had brought along. The Hope hollowing tool was given a run out and finally the ring tool that Richard had brought was tested out. The trusted bowl gouge was also given a chance to shine.

This was a very worthwhile workshop where issues with tools and technique were discussed and addressed. We will repeat it no doubt but our appreciation to Willie for putting this on. It was bigger that a normal demo as more equipment had to be brought in. Thank you Willie also for putting to use all your training skills on the night.

Thanks also to Sean Byrne for organising the raffle for the IWG tickets.


Chapter Competition

Competition for June was a lamp.

There was a vote to choose the winner and Willie Creighton did a critique of each piece. Standard was very high, thanks to all who took part in the competition.

Competition for September is a piece of your choice





 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

1st        –  Patrick Munnelly

2nd (J) –  Willie Creighton, Paddy Treacy

3rd (J)  – Louise Wilde, Liam Horan, Padraig Grealis

Overall Chapter Competition Winners for 2022/23

1st      –    Willie Creighton

2nd     –    Patrick Munnelly

3rd (J) –    Tom Jordan, Ian Mc Dougall, Louise Wilde