Mar 2018 Meeting

The March meeting of the CraobhEo 2017/18 year took place on the 8th March in St Gerald’s College Castlebar.

Martin Wilson who was our demonstrator for the evening had to stand in at short notice.

Martin chose to turn an anvil and gavel which was a Keith Rowley inspired project. He has a handout as well to provide precise measurements and  instructions. This is usually a three hour project so Martin had to do some preparation in advance to squeeze it into the allocated time. Martin gave us some background into the uses for the anvil and gavel like the courts, auctioneers and Toastmasters which he himself is familiar with.  All dimensions used are on the handout.

First the head was turned and following rough turning of blank, dimensions were transferred from a prepared template to the blank. Using these dimensions incisions were made to the required depth to serve as a guide for waste to be then removed. Spigots were incorporated into the design at each end so the emerging head could be mounted in the chuck for turning the ends.

Handle was next and a blank had been prepared with a tip of contrasting wood at one end. Following rounding, dimensions were transferred from a template to the blank. A spigot was turned to fit the head and then it was shaped.

The base was turned next. A blank was trued up and a recess for chuck turned on bottom. Following remounting, the main  recess is turned followed by another recess for the insert. The outside is shaped and then the bottom following remounting. The last step is the insert which is prepared from a contrasting wood.

Thank you Martin for a great demo as usual and for filling in at short notice. Lots of tips for a project that can be turned by all.

Thanks to Michael McGee and St Gerald’s College for facilitating the demo and making us welcome.


The March competition was for a piece of jewellry. Thanks to all who submitted a piece and well done.

Competition piece for April is a toy.





 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner              –    Michael Ruane

Second              –   Pat O’Malley

Third (Joint)     –       Sean Foody & Richie Barrett