May 2022 Meeting


The May meeting of the CraobhEo 2021/22 year took place on the 12th May in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Our demonstrator for the evening was Pat Horgan from the Limerick Chapter.

Pat showed us some of his work to start and explained how his ideas evolved as he turned different pieces. His project for the demonstration was a jewellery holder.

Start by mounting a beech blank for the base, 30 mm wide by 150 mm diameter, held in jam hold to true up edge. Mount this blank in Cole jaws and turn a shallow recess for chuck at the bottom. Remount in chuck, true up face and turn a bead at the edge. There is an off centre bowl in the design of the base so mark out this off centre mid-point and draw a circle that outlines the bowl. Drill a hole in the off centre point to receive a screw chuck and mount this on lathe and turn another recess (off set) for chucking at the bottom, deeper than first recess. Remount in chuck in the off centre position and turn the mini bowl on the surface. Turn a bead at the edge of the bowl. Remount in Cole jaws and tidy up bottom. Finally, there will be a post inserted into the base, so mark position for hole and drill 8 mm wide and 23 mm deep.

Next mount blank for post, round up, turn spigot to fit into base. There will be two pegs in this post so mark out for those by measuring horizontal centre height on both sides from the bed of the lathe. Drill hole for first pegs using a drill jig or drill press half way through. Repeat for second peg on the other side. Remount and turn post to design of your choice.  Finally round off the top.

The final part of the project is to turn the pegs. Mount blank long enough for both pegs, round up and mark out. Pegs are 45 mm long. Turn spigots to attach pegs to post in the middle of the rounded blank. Next turn the pegs as close to identical as possible. Part off or cut in the middle of the spigot area to give two pegs. Remount pegs in turn and tidy up top of each peg.


Finish off the project by sanding and applying sanding sealer followed by Woodoc wax.

This is a lovely project for someone in your life so it’s time to start turning.


We really enjoyed Pat’s demo. He showed his vast experience and explained in great detail his approach to each cut and use of chisels as he went along which was very informative. Thanks Pat for making the journey to Mayo from Limerick and we hope to see you again in the future.


Competition for May was a table lamp. This was the best display of competition items for a long time.

Pat Horgan did a critique of the competition entries and was impressed by the number of entries and the standard on display Thanks to all who took part to make this great competition.

Competition for June is a puzzle.




 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner (Joint)  –  Patrick Munnelly, Pat O’Malley

Second (Joint)  –  Richard Barrett, Martin Wilson

Third                  –  Tom Jordan