November 2023 Meeting

The November meeting of the CraobhEo 2022/24 year took place on the 9th November in the CraobhEo Centre in Aghamore.

Our demonstrator for the evening was Louise Wilde.

Louise chose to turn a Michael Hosaluk inspired vase.

This would comprise three sections, a 140 mm top, a 50 mm top and a 40 mm bottom that joins the two.

Mount a beech blank between centres, 230 mm long, 50 mm square and round up. Turn tenons at each end. Mark 240 mm in from one tenon and 40 mm in from the other. Reduce to 30 mm diameter. Turn a gentle curve on both sections and part off. Mount small blank and hollow out using Forster bit. Mark out blank for carving. A Fordham Carver is used to carve a lip on the inside. Then the outside rim is carved to desired shape. This will be the top. Repeat for larger blank.

The bottom is next. Prepare blank as above. Mark out 20 mm sections. Mark two lines along length on opposite sides of blank. Mark directional arrows and number each section. Mark the kerf for the angle of cut. When you make a cut, turn 180 degree and it will match up. The angle of cut will indicate your curve.  Cut on bandsaw at angle of 4 degrees. Lightly sand and reassemble again using hot glue at 180 degrees using arrows and section numbers so they match. Adjust at this point if necessary to get your preferred curve. Dilute glue with water 50/50 to help end grain adhesion and paint it on. Leave to dry and soak into the end grain. Line up for reassembly using marking system above and apply full strength glue. Hold together each pair with exercise band while it dries. Repeat until all sections are glued together. Louise circulated examples of different curves. You now have your bottom curve.

At this point cut off both tops at the appropriate angle to match your bottom unit and glue each to bottom.

Louise is one of our members. It was her first demo to us a very interesting one it was. She filled in at short notice and did a wonderful job. Thank you Louise and well done. 


Chapter Competition

Competition for November was a lidded box.

Willie Creighton did a critique of each piece and was impressed by the number of pieces on display and the quality of the turning. Thanks to all who took part in the competition.

Competition for December is a pair of candlesticks.




 Monthly Chapter Competition Winners

Winner    –   Patrick Munnelly

Second    –   Padraig Grealis

Third (Jt) –   Willie Creighton, Denis O’Donnell, 

                      Steve Twydell, Louise Wilde

                      Liam Horan