Oct 2016 Meeting


The October meeting of the 2016/2017 year was held on Thurs. 13th October in the Craobh Eo Centre (Old Schoolhouse) in Aghamore.

Sean Foody was our demonstrator for the evening and he did a repeat of a previous demo for making a twisted lamp by public demand.

 Using a 100 mm square section of wood draw lines along the length at 25mm intervals and across the grain at intervals of 3 “, 1.5 “, 2”, 2”, 1.5”, and 3” as shown. A shape is marked out and cut on the band saw.

On the flat of one half and using the other half as a template mark out the same shape as the cut piece. The pieces are then joined using masking tape to reform the 100 mm cross section and the newly marked line is cut on the bandsaw.

The pieces are are joined together as numbered in the pictures.

The pieces are then glued together. If the piece is to be used for a lamp the corners can be chamfered before gluing to allow for the flex.  The piece is then placed on the lathe between centres and the square ends are turned to your own design and also allowing for a spigot to join to the base.

Base is mounted on the lathe and trued up and recess is cut for the chuck . Then base is mounted on the chuck and supported in position with the tailstock. Shape of base is turned down.

Diameter of hole for joining the stem to the base is marked and bored or taken out with a parting tool.


Finally the base and stem are clamped together.


Well done to Sean again for a fine demo. Now we can get to the workshop and make this lamp.



October's Competition

 October’s competition was a potpourri holder. There was a very high standard with a lot of entries. Thanks to all who submitted a piece. 



November’s competition will be a clock/barometer/thermometer.



Winners (joint)

Ian McDougall

Paddy Treacy

Willie Creighton

Martin Wilson